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'free form' back plates (circle)

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The 'free form' back plates are uneven circles hand-cut out of 1 mm silver sheets. They are designed to be slid onto the stud of the earring on the back of your earlobe (as shown in photo) and are held in place by the ear nut. Because of their smoothly polished finish, they catch and reflect the light beautifully.


material: 925 sterling silver | 750 gold-plated

size: Ø ≈ 2 - 2,5 cm

weight: ≈ 3,5 g (per piece)


Please note:

The 'free form' back plates are sold as as pair. They are sold as an add-on for the 'free form' circle earrings (as seen in photos), but can also be used with any other stud earring. The price stated below includes the back plates exclusively, which means that the 'free form' earrings are not included (!). If you would like to purchase the 'free form' circle earrings, please click here.

Since all items are handmade, your individual product may vary ever so slightly from the one displayed in the photos. Please be aware of this before placing your order.